Monday, January 28, 2013

2k Giveaway WINNER'S LIST

      Before I release the winner's list, I would just like to take a quick minute to say "Thank You" to all the vendors who donated into my giveaway.  Without all your amazing gifts we wouldn't be as excited as we are to find out who won!  So again..... THANK YOU!!!!

      I also want to say "Thank You" again, to all my wonderful and amazing friends and fans and family.  I truly appreciate all the love and support you have shown us during this giveaway - and this is what I LOVE about giveaways, getting feedback on how happy and excited you are about us.  Let's keep that positive energy flowing!!!

Now, here are the RULES for claiming prizes.  Winner's you MUST e-mail ME to claim your prize.      
( )    You have until 6 pm PST on TUESDAY, 1/29/2013; to claim your prize.  If I have not received word from you, than I will draw a ****NEW**** winner for that prize.  Once you claim your prize I will put you in contact with the vendor whose prize you won.  Keeping this as safe and scam free as possible.  I hope you understand!

So without wasting ANOTHER MINUTE of your precious time and barely contained excitement... here it is!     Congratulations!!!

Winner's List:

Mercedes Izao Greenwood      ARTFULLY EMBELLISHED
Mara Yager                 SUSY'S POPS
Valerie Leesemann                 OVERCASH CLOTHES, BOWS & DIAPERS
Ang Alford                 NEVER UNDRESSED BOUTIQUE
Kayla Schmitke         CARDS & MORE
nicolthepickle                 SWEET PINK DESIGNS
Samantha Miller         TWIRLY GIRL TUTUS
Chantelle Marie Knick         BOOBIE MOMMA BOWS & THINGS
Dawn Quinlan         ELLA BELLA BOUTIQUE
Amie Coulston         TUTU GODDESS
Heather Cahill         HEAVENLY CREATIONS
Melissa D Price         HEY DITTY DIVA
Keeley Bayne         LIAM'S LOFT
Nancy Jean Chartrand SOPHIA'S BOWS 2 TOES
Ashley Meghan Waters LAVENDER GRAY
Jennifer Becker-Brylewski LIL CAJUETTE
Amber Patty         LIL BEAUTY BOUTIQUE
Laura Colby Guzman         SNARKY OWL CRAFTS
Kayla Kilpatrick         PETITS FOURS PRETTIES
Rebecca Xavier         SASSY SHUTTERS
Emily Randle                 SWEET BEE N DANDELION
Tina Presti Harris                   FUNFETTI DESIGNS
Nicole Beight                 LITTLE BIT KNITS

Again, Congratulations to all the winner's and remember you have until 6pm, PST 1/29/2013 to claim your prize by e-mailing ME :
(Ps, I have your e-mails through the rafflecopter app, so I will be checking to make sure that the e-mail addresses line up!)
I ***WILL*** redraw for new winner's for ALL unclaimed prizes.  Hope this brought about a wonderful start to everyone's week!!!......*HUGS* to everyone!


  1. I didnt win, but awesome! thanks for the chance! it was an awesome giveaway! :D

    1. Thank you so much for playing along and trying Melissa! I appreciate your support in small business, stick around - I am planning something BIG for spring time <3 *HUGS*

  2. I never win with raffle copper lol but congrats to all that did!!

    Angela Stotts

    1. Never stop trying Angela!!! It is so random and one day your name will come up :) *HUGS*

  3. I'm trying to get ahold of savage custom creations for their prize but I can't. What do I do?