Thursday, April 18, 2013

Open Market Wednesday is here to stay!

As some of you may know, I work with a very close knit group of ladies who produce some amazingly gorgeous items.  After taking brief vacation from our weekly Wednesday night themed sales, we've brought them back this week.  Our sales have been revamped as :

Open Market Wednesday
every Wednesday at 6pm EST
will last until Thursday night at 11pm PST
occasionally featuring guest vendors

This week our theme is "April Showers" and boy are there some CUTE newborn props and custom jewelry abundant in this week's sale!  Browsing our sale you will find quality newborn hats created from luxury merino wool and silk fibers, some funky and some simply basic, creative eclectic jewelry, trendy headbands fashioned out of satins, silks, organza & more, as well as sweet and simple embellishments on many other cute items.  Let me introduce you to some of our main vendors:

Chrystie of Petits Fours Pretties

This week our guest vendors are :
Stephanie of My Timeless Couture

If you haven't yet, stop by and check out our "Open Market" going on all day long....every week the items will change as they are all custom created specifically for our themed sale events.  Quality products, quality shops, reach out and help support small businesses.  When you buy from a Small Shop, it helps a family pay bills, put food on the table, send a daughter to dance lessons, send a son to baseball practice, and save for the future. Purchasing from a large national corporation you're helping the CEO and other high end management buy their 4th and 5th summer house and hire their own private pilot.  And HEY - small shops are more likely to offer you the personal guarantee of unique and high quality made product, perfect for you and your family.  Our customer service doesn't stop at the checkout counter, it follows you all the way back to your doorstep.  We want you to fall in love with our products.  So stop by and check out Open Market HERE

Happy Thursday - the weekend is ALMOST here!

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